Neubau Montessori Schule | Wien
Montessori Schule Montessori Schule

High school building | Vienna

Year of construction:
2015, new construction
60 m³ insulation material
GMS 130 kg/m³ / thermal conductivity 0,040 W/mK
Form of application:
10 cm thick core insulation between concrete sandwich elements
Place of production:
Company TREPKA, Austria

The GMS 130 was put into practice in 2015 as core insulation between concrete sandwich- elements. Based on the demand of a French architect the construction company Trepka GmbH and GEOLYTH GmbH cooperated in order to fulfill a need of monolithic insulation. Trepka GmbH was commentating in a praiseful way:

“We use the GEOLYTH mineral foam as a possibility to support and increase the value of the building material concrete. Through the application of GEOLYTH as a mineral insulation material in our sandwich panels, we can now guarantee high quality thermic standards of recent monolithic technologies.“ (Ing. Josef Wieder, CEO, Trepka GmbH)


Georg Scharf, MA

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Georg Scharf, MA
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