vacutec 100

GEOLYTH vacutec 100 is a thermal expanded perlite (obsidian), whose volume is increased by the 10- to 20th of its original form. In fact, a technical vacuum arises inside the cell due to a patented physical enlargement process. However, the expanded cell remains closed and does not crack during the deformation. It enables the cell to reduce its thermal conductivity level (0,048 W/mK) and withstand the absorbtion of water. Due to its mineral origin, the expanded perlite remains incombustible (A1).

rein mineralischsolely
geschlossene Oberflächeclosed
hohe mechanische Festigkeithigh mechanical

leichtleight- weight
[100 kg/m³]
keine Wasseraufnahmeno water
nicht brennbarincombustible,

Purpose of use

schallabrorbierend mineral leight-weight additive

Fields of application


Where GEOLYTH vacutec 100 comes into action

vacutec 100 Blasen-Grafik-DE
vacutec 100

Technical details


  • Bulk density acc. DIN EN 1097-3: 100 kg/m³
  • Thermal conductivity λ10,tr acc. DIN EN 12667: 0,048 W/mK
  • pH- value: 6,5 – 8
  • bounded H2O: max. 2 m.%
  • fire protection classification: A1
  • vitrified- closed cell
  • easy to process (free flow)
  • high absorption resistance
  • open to diffusion